MOROCCO, Essaouira :: Jimi Hendrix Slept Here

FACT: In scenic Essaouira, we’re sleeping securely above these daddies:

FACT ABOUT ESSAOURIA: Jimi Hendrix came here in 1969. Dug it.

FACT: On our 12-day trek thus far, we’ve been told Seattle-native Jimi had a house here; wrote “Castle Made of Sand” here; and in more than one city, I’ve been asked if I’m Jimi Hendrix re-incarnate.

Jimi wrote “Castles” here: FALSE. Nope. Two years earlier. Ditto the house, according to this Jimi website. And as I told a crowd of 50+ in Marakesh when given a guitar, “J n’est pas Jimi Hendrix.” (Big laughs.) That went over better than when I said after dancing, “I am no Madonna.” (crickets chirping.) Guess she hasn’t penetrated the North African market.

LESSON: Can’t trust every tale you hear, even in Morocco.  No, especially in Morocco.


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